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Local florist growing local flowers
The Front Porch Jackson


For the love of flowers - 

The Front Porch JXN was born out of a sincere love for plants and appreciation for locally grown blooms and the wonderful pollinators that they support. The most common question that we receive as people peruse our bouquets is:


"Where do you get the flowers?"

The answer is - we grow them! Yes, really. Half of our beauties are grown right on site at The Front Porch in Jackson (Kendra's house) while the other half are grown in Clark Lake (at Courtney's house). We fill our yards to the brim with all of our favorites, multiplying each year. Flowers have been apart of our lives and friendship for years, and after learning about the ecological impact of the global flower industry, we thought why not put our love of flowers to good use? We grow and cultivate with our friendly local pollinators in mind - and YOU!

Did you know that most grocery store bouquets contain flowers that were shipped in from overseas? When you buy an arrangement like this, you are buying something that was grown very far away, treated with chemicals (that often kill pollinators), harvested way before prime, shipped across the globe, and finally set out for you to buy. Our guarantee - we know where each bloom and twig was grown in every bouquet. We lovingly nourish and care for each of our plants and encourage native pollinators to fill our gardens.

We also believe there is beauty in variety and native flowers, grasses, and foliage and include as much as we can in each arrangement. We are constantly working to bring in not only our favorite plants but ones that grow locally. Our summers are filled with fun foraging adventures where we find new local flowers and foliage and spread their seeds in our own gardens. Our flower beds don't look like soldiers of plants in rows - we take a more natural, free-flowing approach to growing. We have weeds. We let clover take over and replenish the soil naturally. We have untidy lawns and natural paths. We let things self seed sometimes and spread naturally where they want to grow. We collect and curate but in an open and warm way rather than controlled and sterile. Curious about our gardens? Stop by for a tour. We love to talk about our flowers!

Our locally grown flowers are available April through October only. Subscriptions are available. 

Flowers November through March are purchased wholesale.