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Flower Care for Long Vase Life

Updated: May 13, 2022

So you bought some flowers - obviously they are going to die, BUT how do you make those pretty blooms last as long as possible? Let's talk about it!

Firstly - make sure you are putting your flowers in a CLEAN vase. Wash it out with mild soap water. Cleanliness will be the most important thing in long vase life - the goal is to prevent bacteria growth.

Secondly - you guessed it - clean water. Start with clean water, and keep the water clean by changing it daily. To help ensure clean water, make sure no leaves/foliage are below the water surface (trim off if needed) - only stems! Some flowers will fade faster than others - to keep your bouquet and water fresh, discard spent blooms and foliage when they start to look bad. Some flowers can seriously last for 2+ weeks.

Third - add a little sugar and a little vinegar each time you replace the water. Sugar feeds the flowers while vinegar prevents bacteria growth.

Fourth - trim stems every other day. Trim stems with a pair of sharp clippers at a diagonal. Trimming at a diagonal actually allows for more water absorption than trimming at a 90 degree angle.

Fifth - (I regret numbering this in words and not numbers or bullets but oh well) Keep your vase of flowers somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight. Heat and sun will cause the flowers to fade quickly.

Sixth - ENJOY!

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