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What will I receive in a holiday subscription bouquet?

Glad you asked! Let's talk about what to expect and a few fun ways to get the most out of your flowers!

The video below covers a lot, but here's the TLDR:

+Subscriptions come in a 1 quart mason jar pre arranged

+Flowers will vary depending on availability

+For the holidays, they will be subtly fall or Christmasy while still feeling sophisticated and unique

+Keep the water in your vase clean. You can put a tiny bit of vinegar and sugar in there as well and trim stems at a 45 degree angle.

+While you could just set your mason jar of pretties on the table and call it good, there are a few cool things you could do to spread them out and truly deck out your holiday table! Let's walk through how to do that.

+Subscriptions for the holiday season as well as spring and summer are now available in the shop.

+Holiday centerpieces are also available in the shop.

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