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A subscription of fresh local flowers!



This subscription begins on the first Wednesday in May (May 1st). Subscriptions will always be available for pickup/be delivered on Wednesdays between 11am and 4pm. Due to the number of subscriptions we receive, we are unable to accomodate pickups outside of business hours. If this doesn't work for you, please order delivery instead. All subscription bouquets come in a quart size mason jar.


This is a 4 bouquet PICKUP subscription! Bouquets are grower's choice and will feature a variety of seasonal blooms and foliage and will depend entirely upon availability.

Please select from weekly or biweekly.

WEEKLY Subscriptions last 4 weeks: 4 bouquets will be available for pickup every Wednesday beginning May 1st for 4 weeks.

BIWEEKLY Subscriptions last 8 weeks with pickups every other Wednesday beginning May 1st.


All bouquets will come in a quart size mason jar.


**This listing is for PICKUP options ONLY - if you wish to place an order for a delivery subscription, please find the listing for pickup.**


Every bouquet comes in a quart sized mason jar and will feature a full variety of our locally grown flowers and greenery!

Spring Pickup Subscription

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